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Patsy Rae Dawson’s readers describe her as gutsy, bold, and the most outspoken Christian woman on sex, appreciating her frankness and not holding anything back. She draws on four decades of teaching and mentoring both husbands and wives about marriage and the Bible to answer your email questions about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her expertise ranges from the joys of Soulmating to the uplifting sexual teaching of the Song of Solomon to dealing with the complex issues of Difficult Marriages. Her ability to unlock the scriptures and challenge traditional views makes her a popular speaker and writer.

Embarrass the Alligator Newsletters

Volume 4, Issue #3, August 7, 2014: Huge Door Opening and God Saves the Best for Christians

Volume 3, Issue #3, April 26, 2013: Why women need great sex to be Wonderful Mothers & When he is so inconsiderate he won't confess

Volume 3, Issue #2, March 26, 2013: A Cry for Justice

Volume 3, Issue #1, January 29, 2013: Open your eyes to dying-fly marriages--when trying harder doesn't work

Volume 2, Issue #3, September 13, 2012: Wisdom saved a tractor from a watery grave

Volume 2, Issue #2, July 31, 2012: Is my spouse engaging in harmless hugging…or is it flirting…or is it more?

Volume 2, Issue #1, June 15, 2012: The #1 reason for marriage problems and divorces? Refusing to Grow Up!

Volume 1, Issue #6, July 26, 2011: Porn-induced frigidity with the wife--What Christian women want to know about sexual addiction

Volume 1, Issue #5, June 28, 2011: Financial abuse/Male and female frigidity/Call-in radio program

Volume 1, Issue #4, May 31, 2011: Can my homosexual husband be sanctified?

Volume 1, Issue #3, April 26, 2011: Neuroscience exposes Solomon and his 1000 wives' stunted sexual growth

Volume 1, Issue #2, March 23, 2011: Can I divorce my homosexual husband?

Volume 1, Inaugural Issue, February 8, 2011: How my students turned me into the most outspoken Christian woman on sex




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